Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hello PWSFs. I'm trying Penne a la Betsy on Thursday night with a group of friends. I think I'm going to make a pecan pie also. Will post some results here later.

Kind of a quiet day in PW-land today, huh? Must be getting back to the grind of school after having the girls and MM away.

Anyone know anything about PW calendars? Sounds interesting, but I wasn't around last year when they were on sale, and haven't heard anything to date about a 2009 version. It would be really cool if she does them again and offers the proceeds up to Compassion International. I be there'd be a ton of response to that!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hello PW Super Fans! If you're here, chances are you're a lot like me and Pioneer Woman, Marlboro Man, the punks, Charlie, Nell (sniff, sniff), Cowboy Josh, Pesky Tim and Missy, Cousin T and the gang feel like family!

You ever been on the site and wanted more? You want to discuss the latest Black Heels chapter, or make Patsy's little cucumber sandwiches and share with a friend, or sling your camera over your shoulder and head out into the wide open spaces? Me too! I've been in conversation with RW (real world) friends and referenced something on the site, only to be met with a blank stare. I've started saying "I'm just sayin' is all." I've developed a strange obsession with cowboys (sigh, Josh). And I've come to realize that PW Super Fans need a place to convene!

We all have the comments on PW's site, but there's not too much of an opportunity to interact with each other or PW there. Hopefully we can do that here. I'll leave the comments wide open for all to post, and hopefully we'll get no haters (but I'll delete you if you write something bad!). Anyone out there wants to comment on site design or layout, I'm open to suggestions.

Essentially, this blog is a place for all PW Fans to comment about anything PW related, whether it's current content or not. You won a prize, here's the place to come and let us all know how you're using it. You cooked up one of her recipes, here's the place to rave.