Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hello PWSFs. I'm trying Penne a la Betsy on Thursday night with a group of friends. I think I'm going to make a pecan pie also. Will post some results here later.

Kind of a quiet day in PW-land today, huh? Must be getting back to the grind of school after having the girls and MM away.

Anyone know anything about PW calendars? Sounds interesting, but I wasn't around last year when they were on sale, and haven't heard anything to date about a 2009 version. It would be really cool if she does them again and offers the proceeds up to Compassion International. I be there'd be a ton of response to that!


  1. How'd the pasta turn out?

    I made the no-kneed yeast rolls a week back, and I wasn't as happy with them this time as the last time I made them. They didn't rise very well at all. Think I'll up the yeast next time.

    Anyone else have some info on her recipes?

  2. The chocolate sheet cake recipe is too sweet for my tastes...but others might like it.
    I make the bacon wrapped jalapenos for every UFC fight party my husband goes to...and he comes back with empty trays every time.
    The mashed potatoes are good.
    The apple dumplings are great...my family requests them often.
    The bread pudding was awful...but that might have been a mistake I made. The sauce was pure whiskey and the house smelled like a distillery.
    We did not like the brisket.
    We love the chicken bacon and cheese sandwiches.
    The MM sandwich was pretty good.
    The cranberry sauce was really good.
    The lasagna is really good, but go easy on the sauce because it is too soupy with full amount.
    The chocolate pie was good but way too rich.
    The ranch dressing is so good that my son thought it came from a bottle...lol..which, for him, is a compliment.
    The oatmeal cookies are too hard...my family prefers a softer cookie.
    The pan fried ribeye is good but go easy on the salt.
    The pot roast is great...but is just a traditional recipe, really.
    I had no clue I had made that many of her recipes. I like that they are simple and gave me the courage to go on and try other, more difficult recipes.

  3. I didn't care for the Penne a la Betsy. I made the Fresh corn and wild rice dish yesterday and it was just ok. Nothing great.

  4. Wow, didn't take long for this blog to fizzle and die...sad really, because I was really looking forward to the discussion and feedback from others.